At this 60-minute online seminar for students entering Year 10, 11 and 12, you will discover....

The secret to writing an A+ essay… and why most students never achieve this.

Proven strategies for improving your results in Maths

The single biggest mistake students make during study time… and why it's so important you don't fall into this trap too.

The 7 key strategies used by top-performing VCE students to beat other students and achieve top ATAR scores

The 5 Memory Principles you can use to learn and recall information for any subject… from facts and data, definitions, formulae and lists through to English quotes and foreign languages.

How to stop procrastinating in 10 seconds… we've all done it but now you can eliminate this time waster and get to work on that crucial homework assignment.

How to get motivated to study... even if you really couldn't be bothered!

And much more!

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What students have to say:

Excellent! Not only did I enjoy every minute of it, but since I have completed this seminar - my marks have risen by at least a whole grade

Brendan Eames-Mayer

Balwyn High School

I picked up so many new skills at this seminar. It was fantastic! It was practical, involved the students and it taught us skills that we will sustain over many years to come. Thanks!

Christine Diamond

Kew High School

At the start of VCE, I did not know how to approach my studies. After this, I realised there was an easy way to study. I became more confident and achieved an ENTER of 96.0

Chris Macdonald

Emmaus College

You will also receive these 2 free bonuses when attending:

Free gift bonus #1: Proven Strategies for VCE Success

How to improve your study strategies, organise time effectively and beat procrastination. It's our proven strategies for VCE success.

Free gift bonus #2: Memory Strategies proven to achieve A+ results

You will learn additional memory strategies to help you memorise course material and recall vital information for exams.

Keen to make the most of the sacrifices my parents made, I always sought to do my best at school. I spent 2-3 hours a night studying in high school when my friends would be outside or playing video games.

You would think that because of all of the time spent studying, I would be someone who did well at school.

Well, I wasn't.

Despite spending HOURS every day studying, the best I could score in Year 10 and 11 were B's and C's.

In fact, there was one time in Year 11 where I handed in an essay and my teacher refused to give me a grade for it and instead gave me a UG ie UNGRADEABLE :(

My essay was that bad!

I remember always feeling frustrated and disappointed in myself because I saw my classmates - most of who spent a FRACTION of the time I did studying - fly ahead of me in class and score better marks.

I remember always thinking to myself, "I should be doing so much better than this."

Then one day, towards the end of Year 11, it hit me:

There's no point working really hard if you don't know what you're doing or spending your time on the wrong things!

So in Year 12, I decided to approach my school subjects differently.

I found some mentors who made realise that there's no point looking over my notes 'hoping' that I would understand and get better marks…

I was shown the best learning strategies and systematically developed better study processes.

And that's when I started to unlock my true potential and my marks shot up.

In fact, at the end of Year 12, I was able to score an ATAR of 99.25 in the VCE - a far cry from the B's and C's I'd been getting in Year 10 and 11.

I was stoked, my parents couldn't be happier and I got into a university course I would have never thought possible back in Year 10 and 11: Law and Engineering at Melbourne University.

Since then, I've gone on to create Meridian One - a coaching company dedicated to helping high school students reach their full potential and score top marks in the VCE.

63% of our students have used these strategies to achieve an ATAR of above 90.

I'm dedicated to helping as many students as possible unlock their potential, get the marks they deserve and secure a better future.

And that's why I'm proud to be sharing our BEST VCE success strategies in a VCE Success Online Seminar.

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Dan's Story

Hi, Dan Dobos - founder of Meridian One - here.

When I was in high school, I always wanted to do well.

You see, my parents migrated to Australia from a small Eastern European country called Romania.

They packed their bags and left everything behind to build a better life here in Australia.

They started life here with absolutely nothing.

In fact, I even remember my dad telling me they couldn't even afford to buy any chairs to sit on - they had to use cardboard boxes instead.


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